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8th International CSA Symposium & Urgenci General Assembly

Please fill in the registration form before September 15th 2021: https://pollen.urgenci.net/symposium2021/

The International Committee of URGENCI is pleased to announce Decolonize your Plate, Amazonize the World, the online International Symposium of Community -Supported Agriculture (CSA), 25-30 October 2021. It will be the 8th edition of URGENCI’s International Symposium and will combine with the 5th European Meeting of CSA movements. It will also mark the 10th anniversary of CSA Brasil. It will be followed by the General Assembly of URGENCI, 2-3 November.
URGENCI is a network of many national and regional networks worldwide and represents around 3 million grassroots actors (farmers, shepherds, fisherfolk and consumers). The Symposium will demonstrate the impact of these alternative food systems at both local and global levels. It will feature talks, workshops and more, and will offer an opportunity for coming together to share knowledgesuccess stories and to further develop our shared vision. 
Due to the ongoing Covid situation, the Symposium will be heldonlineThe event will however be hosted in Manaus, Brazil. As the biggest city in Amazonia, Manaus is known for its cultural diversity and marvellous tropical landscapes. It has become iconic of the resilience of alternative food initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Past European conquests, colonization and occupation of the ancestral territories of native cultures and ethnic groups have caused many deep changes by imposing a Euro-centric culture on the many local and traditional cultures in the formation of the present-day societies of the Americas. Over time, the colonization process changed food habits which in turn contributed directly to the eradication of food production systems based in traditional knowledge.
The CSA movement believes it is still in our power to reverse this trend, by making the right choices as to what we put on our plates and joining with other social movements to reclaim democratic control over food chains, emancipate ourselves as consumers and producers, and dismantle corporate power. Together, united, we can collectively Decolonize our plates everywhere in the world! 
The Amazon forest with its rich mosaic of natural ecosystems and cultural wealth teaches us that biological and social diversity is the key to resilience. In the fight for the forest, it is crucial to empower those who live there. This requires all of us to enter into a symbiotic relationship with our common home and those with whom we share it. To save the Amazon, we shall Amazonize the world! Only then can the lungs of the planet continue to breathe and our hearts to beat! 
We call on representatives of all LSPA initiatives, local and national networks to come together for this unique event!
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