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Webinar on Agricultural Strategies and CSA

Welcome to the 2019 CSA Webinar Series: Season 1, Episode 2!
Our webinar, scheduled on 17 April 2019, is going to address the relationship between CSA and farming. The leading questions will be:

1) What type of agriculture would motivate a customer to go the extra mile and be part of a CSA?
2) What type of agriculture would motivate a producer to increase the complexity of her/his productive and marketing structure to accommodate the needs of “un-conventional” customers?

Our main speaker will be Marco Pianalto. Marco graduated in Agricultural Sciences in Padua, then completed post-graduate education at the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (Advanced School in Sustainability and Food Policies). After a decade of experience as a hydrotechnician in Spain, he carried out initial and advanced training in Permaculture at the Permacultura Montsant Institute (Tarragona, Spain) with Richard Wade and Inés Sanchez. He obtained a Diploma from the Italian Academy of Permaculture and is a member of the Academic Board of the Academy (Ellipse of Tutors). He graduated in Organic Regenerative Agriculture in Mexico. He is currently a member of the technical, educational and organizational staff of Deafal NGO.

The meeting will be held Wednesday 17 April, 18.30 (GMT+1) on URGENCI’s meeting room:
Please register before Monday 15th of April, 13.00 by simply sending an email to

More details:

More info on the CSAct! -project:

CSAct!, a Community-Supported Agriculture collaborative training programme, is developing the first Webinar Series dedicated to CSA. 4 webinars are scheduled during the Spring.

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